Dating and Self Esteem

Dating and Self Esteem

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Joanie Chapman, MA, MFTI

Joanie specializes in working with individuals, families,  adolescents, and couples using a goal oriented treatment  approach to therapy which emphasizes self-awareness, insight and empowerment. By highlighting the “how-to’s” for reducing stress/anxiety, building strong coping skills, and increasing  self-esteem, she works in a collaborative way to create the positive changes you want to see your life.

Joanie actively works with several community organizations in the South Bay developing programs in our South Bay school districts, Substance Abuse Task Force Committees, youth programs and mental health workshops.

Her area of expertise include: child behavioral modification/Parenting,  anxiety & depression,  body image/eating disorders, family/couple communication, and drug and alcohol abuse. Through a supportive environment she works with clients to increase positive overall functioning and improve communication to make changes towards a healthy, happy life.

Contact Joanie at 310-465-6138 or email her at