What is an awakening man?

What is an awakening man?

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Reflections on an Awakening Man

An “Awakening Man” wants a woman who will speak her truth to him, a woman who knows men aren’t equipped to read minds or even not-so-subtle clues.

He also wants her to hold him accountable to his highest potential, which she instinctively sees in him (don’t you, ladies?!) – and always with love and respect.

He does NOT want her looking for every flaw in an attempt to make him perfect or fill her own emptiness. That’s just annoying.

But he also doesn’t want her to hold back when she sees him acting out of integrity or playing small in his life.

An intimate relationship is a powerful vehicle for a person’s evolution, and he knows he’ll always be growing and evolving.

He wants a woman who will support him in that evolution, and who’s also learned/learning the difference between healthy, authentically honest feedback and needling fear-driven criticism.

An “Awakening Man” will never criticize a woman for being her authentic self.

In fact, such a man wants a woman who won’t abandon herself just to stop him from abandoning her.

He wants a woman who mostly doesn’t give two sheets what other people think about her, including even him.

She isn’t arrogant or self-righteous or unfeeling and disconnected. Quite the opposite!

She’s so connected to her deepest authentic self that she doesn’t need permission to express that delicious self in whatever fashion moves her in any moment!

Sure, such a couple might be required to make difficult choices in the details of their life together (aka “compromise”), but she knows better than to shrink or sell herself out to make him happy.

That never works, anyway. An “awakened man” doesn’t want a shrunken, timid, half-hearted woman who martyrs her true self for his comfort (aka “sacrifice”).

If she isn’t thrilled about her everyday life, he won’t be, either.

Not because she’s responsible for his happiness … she’s not.

He simply longs to see his woman radiant and genuinely happy because that’s the best gift she could ever give him: Her own radiant happiness that doesn’t actually depend on him.

The only way I can know the depth of authenticity, vulnerability and accountability that an “Awakening Man” truly wants in an intimate relationship is because I have been a “slumbering man” for most of my life.


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